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    Don’t Be Afraid

    True Confessions. When I read Don’t be afraid or Fear not in the Bible, I think of Jesus standing with his hands on his hips, frowning, scolding me. I mean, it’s a command, and it’s a command I break with frightening regularity, so Jesus is disappointed with me, right? Maybe angry? Someone recently helped me see these commands in a different light, and I want to share that light with you. (Thank you Carrie Mars for your devotion Calm Your Anxious Mind.) Picture the scene. You’re in bed in the dark, and a storm is raging outside. Wind pelts the house and rhythmically slaps rain against the windows. Shadows from…

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    Seeking God’s Strength

    When I saw the verse from 1 Chronicles on my phone--Search for the Lord and his strength--I froze, knowing this meant something to me right now. This is my search for that meaning...

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    Watch Expectantly

    What does it really mean to be ready to serve? And what does a servant do, practically and physically, while he’s waiting for the master? Finally, what does this have to do with anxiety or fear?