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    Hope for prodigals (sort of part two)

    Most of us know someone who isn’t walking with God. And for the anxious soul, it’s easy to worry and fear over those souls. It feels justified. Why would I NOT worry about the heart status of my loved ones? How could it possibly be wrong? Well...

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    Watch Expectantly

    What does it really mean to be ready to serve? And what does a servant do, practically and physically, while he’s waiting for the master? Finally, what does this have to do with anxiety or fear?

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    What makes you feel safe?

    There is NOTHING wrong with feeling safe. The closer I am to God, the safer I feel in all scenarios. God wants me to feel peace and calm and joy and contentment. He’s all for that. But when I strive to avoid certain things to the point where my drive for safety is draining away all my peace… Well, that doesn’t make sense, does it?