Do You Need More Info About Seen and Invited?

Are you a blogger? Reviewer? Curriculum chooser for your church Bible study program? Journalist? Reader? If so, you might have questions about Seen and Invited: Meeting Jesus on the Dusty Roads. Download the book’s media kit, which quickly and easily answers your questions and gives you several resources to help you evaluate, make decisions, and even share this book on social media.

The media kit includes:

  • Author bios of various lengths
  • Book descriptions of various lengths
  • Information pages for bloggers, church ministry leaders, readers, and journalists
  • Sample chapter
  • Sample interview questions
  • Sample of early reviews
  • Graphics in various sizes for social media posts

Proven as both a book for individual use and a six-week (or more) group book study, Seen and Invited digs into Jesus’s shepherd love as he walks the roads of Judea healing and gathering the lost, the invisible, and the marginalized, inviting them into a story and a purpose bigger than themselves. He does the same today, meeting us on our roads of fear, doubt, brokenness, and loneliness, and restoring us to the lives we were meant to live.

Just as Jesus moved from individual to individual, this book will rely on the kindness and power of individuals to spread its message of Jesus’s tender, powerful love for his lambs and how that love can change lives across the world.

Thank you for your interest. If you still have questions after downloading the media kit, or you need Word documents for any of the pages (currently in PDF format) feel free to contact me at