• The Power of the Pause
    Anxiety,  Lifestyle,  Soul Care

    The Power of the Pause

    After finding a phone app called The One-Minute Pause by John Eldredge and the Wild at Heart Team, I pondered the wisdom of the pause and many ways to incorporate holy pauses into my daily rhythm.

  • Seeking God's strength banner
    Anxiety,  Bible Study

    Seeking God’s Strength

    When I saw the verse from 1 Chronicles on my phone--Search for the Lord and his strength--I froze, knowing this meant something to me right now. This is my search for that meaning...

  • panic disorder relapse--woman in bed
    Anxiety,  Encouragement

    Notes from a Panic Disorder Relapse

    After fifteen years of decent mental health, this week panic disorder is taking me down. A very honest post from the midst of a bout of acute anxiety from a Christian who wishes the whole thing would go away and leave her alone.

  • Peace conveyed by a deer in peaceful water

    Thoughts on the Anxious Christian

    Fear not. As an anxious Christian, you’ve heard it. Jesus said it, and you want to obey. You’d love nothing more than to do what he asks and never fear again. But the world is a scary place. People we love disappoint us. They die or leave. Your job might not be secure. Perhaps your health isn’t good. Your children have broken your heart. Economics and politics feel out of control. Whatever it is, things can feel scary. Jesus tells us not to fear, but it’s one of the hardest commands to obey. I’d love not to fear. If I could, I’d never feel another anxious moment in my entire…