Hints, thoughts, and Bible studies about a surrendered Christian life as an anxious person.

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    How do you Feel?

    When asked How Do You Feel? I had no idea. I had dropped my emotional life down to two options: I'm feeling anxious OR I'm not feeling anxious. I needed to change that.

  • The Power of the Pause
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    The Power of the Pause

    After finding a phone app called The One-Minute Pause by John Eldredge and the Wild at Heart Team, I pondered the wisdom of the pause and many ways to incorporate holy pauses into my daily rhythm.

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    Do You Want to get Well?

    Jesus asks a lame man at a pool if he wants to get well. Turns out being healed can have unexpected consequences. If Jesus asks you if you want to get well, get ready for big changes not only in who you are but also in what Jesus means for you to do in the Kingdom.

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    Don’t Be Afraid

    True Confessions. When I read Don’t be afraid or Fear not in the Bible, I think of Jesus standing with his hands on his hips, frowning, scolding me. I mean, it’s a command, and it’s a command I break with frightening regularity, so Jesus is disappointed with me, right? Maybe angry? Someone recently helped me see these commands in a different light, and I want to share that light with you. (Thank you Carrie Mars for your devotion Calm Your Anxious Mind.) Picture the scene. You’re in bed in the dark, and a storm is raging outside. Wind pelts the house and rhythmically slaps rain against the windows. Shadows from…

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    Safe in God Alone

    Those who struggle with mental illness sometimes run into a wall when they look for treatment, as some think that the idea of God Alone caring for us means we can't look to the resources of God's world to help us. But maybe this isn't the right way to see things...