Fall in love with Jesus all over again...

Or maybe for the first time.

Follow the Rabbi Shepherd down ancient Israeli Roads...

Climb a Tree

Climb a tree with Zacchaeus and wonder at the rabbi who calls you down for dinner

Sit at a well

Verbally spar with a woman and Jesus at a well in the heat of the day, and end up spending the weekend.

Stand in the spray

In the midst of a storm, walk with Peter in the waves, knowing the rabbi will never let you drown. Just don't look around.

Feel his skin

Broken? Lonely? Scared? Jesus never hesitates to touch you with callused carpenter hands and a supernaturally loving shepherd heart.

The Book

Desiring to experience Jesus more personally and love him more deeply, a prolific storyteller looks at his healing encounters along the gospel roads, illustrating his tender, personal shepherding of each lamb as he intervenes in their lives and invites them into a bigger story, something he still does on our own dusty roads today.

If you long to love Jesus more intimately and discover his healing, acceptance, and purpose in your life, link arms with the author to walk a few worn roads and peek in on the Shepherd rabbi at work as he delights in every encounter with his lost lambs.

​What Early Readers are Saying

Seen and Invited is a page-turner! Jill Penrod is a masterful storyteller. Your heart and soul will be touched and transformed as you walk a few dusty roads with Jesus and encounter the immense love and concern he uniquely has for you! 

Therese Kilgore

Retired, Licensed Professional Counselor

 In Seen and Invited Jill combines poetic artistry with thorough, in-depth study into both the Gospels and their cultural setting. Yet she does more! She adds a third aspect of her own personal self-reflection and vulnerability to these essays. And as a result, they truly come to life in a fresh, artistic and yet very personal, relatable way!

Rev. Rick Durrance

​Rector, Wilmore Anglican Church KY

The Author

Jill Penrod is a fiction author of more than fifty novels in several genres. Recently she expanded to blogging about the Christian life and writing nonfiction. She writes faith-driven books and resources to encourage and invigorate Christian readers.

Seen and Invited: Meeting Jesus on the Dusty Roads is her first full-length book on the Christian walk and spiritual growth.

I'm interested. Now what?

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Those who met Jesus on the dusty roads were never the same.

Now it's your turn. Coming summer 2024.