One of the biggest health issues of this decade is anxiety. It can run the gamut from a minor irritation to a condition of panic and panic attacks that makes a person non-functional.

I’ve experienced the whole spectrum of anxiety in my life, and I’m still standing, five decades in. I’m also still fighting. As a Christian, sometimes I’ve fought alone. Many people consider anxiety a sin and simply dismiss it, but it’s more complex than that. God and I have worked together for these years to keep me going. He isn’t angry with me for my weakness, but he also never meant for me to stay here wallowing and not trust him, whether I’m feeling confidence or quaking in fear.

This site is where I’ve put my thoughts. Some is clinical and deals with anxiety and the medical field. Some is life hacks, workarounds to inject peace into your world. Most is encouragement and Bible study–seeing what God has to say about who you and I are, who He is, and what He wants for us.

Some is simple, like images meant to calm and comfort, and some gets complex. Some of the posts aren’t entirely about anxiety, because nobody should define him or herself by one trait. We are much more than that, and I want to celebrate our complexities.

That said, welcome. Look around. Comment. Share. This is a safe place where you can admit sometimes anxiety gets the best of you, and it’s a place to come for celebration when God breaks through and helps you with trust and peace.

As far as who I am–I’m Jill. I write Christian fiction, very often with introverted, anxious heroes and heroines. I homeschooled four kids from k-12 and have taught a whole lot of homeschool classes from pottery to history to writing. Now that my kids are grown I spoil my Chihuahua, hang out with my husband, and publish my fiction.