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    Don’t Be Afraid

    True Confessions. When I read Don’t be afraid or Fear not in the Bible, I think of Jesus standing with his hands on his hips, frowning, scolding me. I mean, it’s a command, and it’s a command I break with frightening regularity, so Jesus is disappointed with me, right? Maybe angry? Someone recently helped me see these commands in a different light, and I want to share that light with you. (Thank you Carrie Mars for your devotion Calm Your Anxious Mind.) Picture the scene. You’re in bed in the dark, and a storm is raging outside. Wind pelts the house and rhythmically slaps rain against the windows. Shadows from…

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    Asleep in the Boat–The Authority of Jesus

    This is who loves me. He’s Other, not quite tied to this world. That means I, as his daughter, am also other, not quite tied to this world. Anxiety, which plagues me, is worse when I forget that, and it lessens when I remember. The rules here, the chaos and noise, the rises and the falls—this isn’t my kingdom. It’s not my home. Jesus was homeless, and in a way I am, too, only it’s a good thing. How much time do I want to spend on real estate here? This place is a mess, and it isn’t mine. Not permanently.

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    Comfort Zone–Blanket Forts to Panic Rooms

    I hate the term comfort zone, so from now on I’m calling it my blanket fort. If God calls you, don’t hide in your blanket fort. If life scares you and seems dark, and God is gently coaxing at the door of your fort, climb out. He’s likely calling you out not to ask you to do the impossible, but to rescue you from coming storms and hail and wind, which are going to crush you in your oh-so-wise hiding spot.

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    Bible Study

    What makes you feel safe?

    There is NOTHING wrong with feeling safe. The closer I am to God, the safer I feel in all scenarios. God wants me to feel peace and calm and joy and contentment. He’s all for that. But when I strive to avoid certain things to the point where my drive for safety is draining away all my peace… Well, that doesn’t make sense, does it?