• Do you want to get well banner, homeless man lying down
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    Do You Want to get Well?

    Jesus asks a lame man at a pool if he wants to get well. Turns out being healed can have unexpected consequences. If Jesus asks you if you want to get well, get ready for big changes not only in who you are but also in what Jesus means for you to do in the Kingdom.

  • Man in a cave, safe in God alone
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    Safe in God Alone

    Those who struggle with mental illness sometimes run into a wall when they look for treatment, as some think that the idea of God Alone caring for us means we can't look to the resources of God's world to help us. But maybe this isn't the right way to see things...

  • panic disorder relapse--woman in bed
    Anxiety,  Encouragement

    Notes from a Panic Disorder Relapse

    After fifteen years of decent mental health, this week panic disorder is taking me down. A very honest post from the midst of a bout of acute anxiety from a Christian who wishes the whole thing would go away and leave her alone.

  • what makes you feel safe image of dog hiding in a blanket
    Bible Study

    What makes you feel safe?

    There is NOTHING wrong with feeling safe. The closer I am to God, the safer I feel in all scenarios. God wants me to feel peace and calm and joy and contentment. He’s all for that. But when I strive to avoid certain things to the point where my drive for safety is draining away all my peace… Well, that doesn’t make sense, does it?

  • Encouragement

    The Two Sides of Anxiety

    I have struggled my entire life with anxiety, and I want to make a few distinctions before I go too far posting about Christians and anxiety. I think there are two sides of anxiety, maybe two different conditions, but they are closely related and often tangle together.