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    Hope for prodigals (sort of part two)

    Most of us know someone who isn’t walking with God. And for the anxious soul, it’s easy to worry and fear over those souls. It feels justified. Why would I NOT worry about the heart status of my loved ones? How could it possibly be wrong? Well...

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    Prayers for Prodigals–A Review

    I’d love to say I have no experience with this, that all of my children are walking with God, but the truth is I have prodigals. And the heart status of people I love can be agonizing. I worry. I push sometimes. Sometimes my fear over their eternal futures paralyzes me. I want to pray, but I run out of words. Mostly I run out of hope. I have prayed for years, and sometimes I am too weary to pray another day. Enter James Banks and his book Prayers for Prodigals: 90 Days of Prayer for Your Child.