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Thoughts on the Anxious Christian

Fear not. As an anxious Christian, you’ve heard it. Jesus said it, and you want to obey. You’d love nothing more than to do what he asks and never fear again.

But the world is a scary place. People we love disappoint us. They die or leave. Your job might not be secure. Perhaps your health isn’t good. Your children have broken your heart. Economics and politics feel out of control.

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Whatever it is, things can feel scary. Jesus tells us not to fear, but it’s one of the hardest commands to obey. I’d love not to fear. If I could, I’d never feel another anxious moment in my entire life. I would obey Jesus’ command perfectly until the end of my days, because I HATE to be anxious.

I hate it when I feel sick to my stomach. I hate it when my heart races and I feel like I’m losing my mind. I hate panic attacks that take me to the ground. I hate spiraling thoughts that see only bad outcomes.

Fear not, Jesus said. Great. I’m willing.

I just can’t seem to make it happen.

Am I alone?

If you’re here, maybe this is your battle, too. You love God, worship Jesus, and want to obey and surrender, but it’s difficult. You fail more than you succeed. Maybe you think too much, dwell on the possibilities (all bad), and wonder what tomorrow might bring.

I understand. I would love to tell you I have a ten-step plan to rid you of all fear and anxiety. I bet you’d pay me good money for that. But I don’t. I’ve struggled with various forms of anxiety for my entire life. I’ve tried a little bit of everything to do away with it, but nothing helps permanently. I’m still on the road.

Fear not, Jesus said. Great, I’m willing. I just can’t seem to make it happen.

Not what you wanted to hear, I know. But I’m not without a few hints and tips. I’ve found a few keys along the way to open the doors of peace and calm. I’m more than willing to share those with you. I’ve come to discover a few things as I age about who God is and what anxiety is and what it means for God to love unconditionally. I might not have all the answers, but I have a few. Your identity doesn’t have to be Anxious Christian. It can be Fully loved, Fully trusting Child of God.

For a long time now I’ve felt like God wanted me to reach out and share and offer hope. Maybe that means he’ll also grant me a few more answers to help you on your journey. Welcome to A Fretful Flock. Join with me as I continue to fight fear and anxiety and cling to God. I hope you find some encouragement, hints, answers, and support as we walk through a shadowed world toward God’s peaceful pastures and his cool waters.

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