Daily Realignment cover

Daily Realignment Download

Congratulations! You got to this page by working through the Five-Day Soul Realignment emails or by clicking a link to find the journal alone, but however you got here, I’m glad you’re here, and I’m excited to share this journal with you. I hope the simple four steps allow you to spend time with God both learning more about Him and experiencing some of His peace and hope.

As you move forward, this booklet explains the four daily steps and includes printable journal pages to record your thoughts at each step. Download as many journal pages as you’d like, and enjoy!

Depending on where you print this, it might be easier to print one copy of the cover and inner matter and then several copies of the inner pages as a separate PDF, so the second file to download is the inner pages only.

If you’d prefer to buy a pre-printed journal, they are available HERE.